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Pamodh and Amtha – A Scrapbook

pAndAClass“Life goes on,” says Pamodh upon his return from the airport after a harrowing night.

His best friend, Amtha, has left for the United States; He sneaks in to wish her good luck, gets himself in trouble – almost – with the law and returns alone, riding his motorcycle all by himself for the first time in ages. The cliche of all good things having to come to an end sounds more real than ever before to Pamodh.

A scrapbook in which he has chronicled their life is all that is left to bear testimony to their monumental friendship.

And then five years later, he is at the very same spot, scrapbook in hand, waiting for the same friend as she is set to return home. And while he waits, he takes us through every page of the scrapbook and with it their life.

The story of a two friends and a scrapbook. Or should I say, the story of a scrapbook and the two friends it immortalises?

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An Infernal Fortress of Digital Codes Angles and Daemons – A Parody

AIFoDCADWailer, a technocrat watches a business honcho, Booze Boron take many a successful step towards ultimate control over every business on Earth. When Wailer learns that Booze is primed to drive the last nail into the coffin of mankind, he asks his trusted aide Sandy to summon Dark Brown, a worthless software engineer, in a last ditch effort to save the world.

Just when things seem to be heading in the right direction, Sandy disappears and Dark Brown meets with an accident.

Does good triumph over evil? Can a dunce save the world from the evil clutches of an evil genius?

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A Few Last Laughs – A Novella

AFLL_Silhouette ThumbWhen yet another wedding prospect of theirs goes begging, thanks to the egoistic and gossip-mongering tendencies of the people involved, two souls at the wrong end of the stick set off unwittingly on a journey where they slay the inner and social demons that have tormented them for long and come together to have the last laugh thereby giving credence to the old saying “Marriages are Made in Heaven”.

Let us join Smitha and Anand on their bumpy, yet thoroughly enjoyable, love-soaked journey to the land of blissful togetherness.


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The Wordsmith’s Coffer

wordsmithcoverWhen once I ran around with oodles of creative energy, but without a topic to write, Amazon’s Write-On platform (sadly defunct now) gave me the much needed fodder – writing prompts. Things got better when the wonderful community there took me into their fold and as they say, there has been no looking back. We continue to thrive as a healthy community, coming together to write stories every weekend and to relish the variety fare that we collectively bring to the table – a true celebration of diversity and the art of writing. This book contains a mix of stories that were written for the weekend writing challenge; and others – the longer ones fall into this category more often than not – that were written when my muse couldn’t wait until the weekend.

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 No Last Words


Erebus, an author, decides to walk into the sunset and wants his suicide note to be his swansong, one that would bear testimony to his writing skills, albeit unsuccessfully. Plagued by writer’s block at the most inappropriate time, he sets about attempting to spur himself on to overcome it and produce a final masterpiece. Does he succeed?



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The Man Shunned – A Satire


Wifus and Kidsus leave our man to fend for himself for an entire day in life threatening conditions. Faced with having to deal with the harsh weather and with near-zero food supply, he battles to survive against all odds. Does he get to see another day?

A Parody of “The Martian.” Hope Andy Weir forgives me.



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Just Before the First Ray – Short Stories


Ours is a beautiful, magical world. Believing in the miracle of life all around us, in objects sentient and insentient, seen and unseen, lets us get closer to the world and communicate with her.

The world reveals her bounties and their souls to those that are ready to surrender themselves and embrace her gifts at anytime, more so to those that have the initiative to embark on the journey, when it is still dark, just before the first ray.


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