Time Traveler Makes Sensational Claim

A time traveler who has made several trips through time made a sensational claim to our art and literature correspondent.

“Have you ever read the poem “All That is Gold Does Not Glitter?” he is said to have asked. When our correspondent shook his head vaguely to suggest that he had and hadn’t at the same time, the time traveler exhaled hard as a mark of exasperation.

“I don’t remember the poet’s name. I traveled back to the 1930s and was confronted by an elderly gentleman. He asked me who I was as to him, I seemed lost. I told him I was a time traveler and asked who he was. He told me he was a writer and that he wondered if he will make it or finish last.”

“That’s when I told him – Not all those who wonder are last. You will make it big. To which he said with gleaming eyes, just like how – not all those who wander are lost? That moment I knew he would become a great writer. Interchange an O and an A, and you have a sentence that means an entirely different thing. I mean, how many can do that?”

The time traveler disappeared before we could ask him for the name of the author he was referring to.

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