Elite Club Managers Convene Emergency Meet

Sources close to us and elite managers from Europe’s premier clubs have told us that managers of all clubs that play in the Champions League convened a secret meeting in Bucharest.

“You always look for us at London or Geneva or Milan. Which is why we chose Bucharest,” one of them quipped when asked why Bucharest. “We are meeting to decide who the next ten or twenty or thirty hundred-million pound plus players will be,” a top ranking manager who keeps hopping to successful clubs said. “Those that are valued above a hundred million pounds are not for sale, as their release clauses will require us to sell our clubs. That means they will rot in their current clubs and become legends. That’s of no use to us,” he added, pursing his lips.

“Ah! well. Not having several hundred-million plus players isn’t healthy for the ego of the league,” another manager said. “No one will care if we buy a player for ten million and he flops. But a hundred million? That’s an entirely different story altogether. Also, what if all are ten to twenty million players? Who will we build our team around? We need someone who is at least notionally better. If not by quality, we will set him apart by the transfer fee.”

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