Football: Who Will Replace Zidane at Madrid?

Reliable sources have confirmed that Zinedine Zidane’s sacking by Real Madrid is only a matter of if and not when. “He will be sacked nonetheless,” someone from Real is said to have said.

“My job is not safe. I’ve maintained it to be so from April 2017. Now I am working on making it come true so I don’t have to keep harping on the same strings forever,” a miffed Zidane said on being quizzed on the topic.

Joachim Loew or Mauricio Pochettino have been identified as possible replacements, with Loew being the prime target and Pochettino, second choice.

“Maybe it’s the similar hairstyle, lifeless eyes and pursed lips,” Zidane quipped when asked what was so similar about the two men that made the Madrid hierarchy line them up in that order. “I would personally go for Mauricio as he doesn’t pick his nose.”

Asked if he CR7 would follow him out of the club he said, “A player of his class can’t leave Madrid. Perez will buy Portugal to keep CR7. If he wants to leave, he must retire and become the club’s coach. That’s the easiest way to get kicked out. He can then come out of retirement and play for a club of his choice.”

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