Sci-Tech: Aliens Discover Water on Earth

In what can be termed as a role-reversal, unidentified aliens were seen drilling deep wells in an uninhabited island on the Barents Sea, south of Franz-Josef land. When water spouted out, the aliens seemed to celebrate just like we do, by raising their hands up and hugging one another, before collecting samples and leaving the planet in a saucer.

When members of an expedition team from the hut ‘Expedetionheim’ tried to establish communication, the aliens behaved as though they could see or sense no other life form.

One of the expedition members told our intergalactic-affairs correspondent that an alien told his friend in English, “I think we can move here once we strip our planet bare.”

“Imagine this happening with our people on Mars in the near future. Martians trying to tell us something while we simply don’t recognise their presence,” she told our correspondent. “I guess this race will be disappointed when they land on Earth later, as we would have stripped it bare and moved to Titan or Mars to live on capsule-food and coffee. I think we too must look for water on Earth.”

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