Football: Wenger joins race to sign Sanchez from Arsenal for.. er.. Arsenal

Soon to be former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has reportedly urged Arsenal to join the race for Alexis Sanchez.

“He’s the best player in the world and Arsenal needs him as much as other teams do,” Wenger is reported to have said. While the board remained evasive on the matter, Wenger has made no secret, his single-minded pursuit of Sanchez.

“Look. It is very clear that Alexis wants a transfer. He doesn’t want a contract negotiation, but a transfer. And so, we are jumping into the fray to sign him. We are ready to offer £30 million and throw Ozil in to sweeten the deal.”

When quizzed if it wasn’t absurd especially given that Sanchez is already an Arsenal player, Wenger quipped, “that makes it easier and cheaper, doesn’t it? We won’t have to spend on medical, and travel that will be needed if we were to look for say, an Aaubameyang. For Alexis too, this means he won’t have to worry about moving home, furniture and paying an advance. That’s why it is a stroke of genius and not absurd at all.”

When asked if he realised that it meant Mikhitarian wouldn’t come and importantly, he would have to offload Ozil to Arsenal itself, Wenger said, “we will assign them new shirt numbers,” and then gave our correspondent the look that usually gives when Arsenal throws away a solid lead and loses an easy game pathetically.

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