Football: Dimitar Berbatov Unhappy with Wiki Page for Misleading Biography

Former CSKA Sofia, Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Fulham, Monaco and PAOK forward Dimitar Berbatov was reportedly livid at being portrayed in poor light on a wiki page that contains his biography.

Sources close to Berbatov reported him screaming “How dare they have pictures that carry the caption “Playing” when I am only seen standing in every one of them? And look at the photograph that says I made an appearance for AS Monaco. Only an appearance? God damn it, I was photographed running.”

When asked if he read the content, Berbatov curtly said, “I have no time to read such lengthy biographies that have nothing but the truth. I only want to take exception to what is convenient and visibly inaccurate. How can you make an issue out of the truth?” before proceeding to slam a coconut shell on the floor. He left the place in a huff after shaking his head vigorously.

Berbatov left Manchester United after playing 149 games, so he wouldn’t play his 150th game and reach a milestone. “It is a pity, I completed 201 games for Bayer. I didn’t want to commit the same mistake twice and at a great club like Manchester United,” he is learnt to have said.

He currently has a tally of 659 games from 280 goals at 2.3535 appearances per goal.

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  1. Apparently he says also very upset with a news that called him out as the clubs leading player when he was actually a forward


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